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Word Loop

Developer: Mert Adsay

Word Loop is the NEW best, most exciting and fun word game. Don’thesitate and try it out right now!*Online realtime competition*Play in your own language*Represent your country as your team*Create 4-10 letter words*Available on iOS and Android
Feel that you have great language skills and want to test them, orjust want to increase your vocabulary in an interactive and funmanner? Engage in the ultimate word game with Word Loop!
What Word Loop does is that it allows you to create words simply bydragging your finger over any letters on the board and connectingthem, the longer the word you create, the better the score you willget.
The game does offer a unique combination of mind speed and physicaldexterity that you can’t find anywhere else. Scores get compared inthe end and you can see how much skill you have when compared to otherplayers. In addition, players have the ability to play in their locallanguage.